Thursday, 22 October 2009

1950's inspired drawings

Not many but just a few of my drawings based on the 1950's..... Im now aware that i'm moving to fast within my work and so aim to slow down the designing side and focus in on my drawings..the more i have the better my selections of work will be to screen print and to design with later!

1950's objects

Just a few photos form the V&A...


I have been spending the majority of my time recently looking at objects, fashions and the people of the 1950's.  I find this decade really exciting for many reasons.  The design within the country was really strong and new ideas about what was fashionable were pushed. The festival of Britain helped to progress this.  Below are some examples of 1950's conversational prints that i find really inspiring.  I have always loved this style of print and i want to achieve this kind of quality within my own prints and designs.

Decades of ideas...

One of my favorite museums ,by far, is the Museum of brands, advertising and packaging in Notting hill..

I love all the old boxes . 
The Colours , typography, imagery...i just think its amazing to see how things have changed over the last few decades.  I want to make drawings from these ideas focusing on the typography and the colour in the designs.  I also am intrigued by the idea of looking at contemporary packaging and the idea of making it look old.

O blog. how i have neglected you. Although i was feeling very uninspired over summer i am back. and full of ideas.... bring on the third year.