Thursday, 23 April 2009

new project!

I am finally starting a new project, which seems crazy as the previous one lasted such a long time.
  I want to develop what i learnt from the last term as i felt it was a successful few months.

  My current idea is to push the idea of vintage packaging.  I have come to realize that i am interested in typography and i enjoying placement within my work.  It is important to me to produce pattern and look at objects which relate to a specific time period.
Although i know what i want to base my project on i am struggling to find actual imagery that backs up the ideas which i have in my head.

Inpirational images...:


work experience

I am starting my work experience next week at a print studio in london.  I am really excited for the experience and hope to understand more about print on large scale production and what its like to be a print designer. Link below to the designer and some of her work:

Bradford compettion

I entered the Bradford textiles society competition this term.  The work i produced was a printed textile for the fashion market and was based on the collection drawings that i had been working on.  I included my best prints that showed a range of my ideas and looked into scale, colour and materials.  The images are of the boards that i sent off.
I have recently found out that i have received a commendation for the work that i entered.  I am really pleased with this and it has given me more confidence with in my work and ideas.


I have included a photo of the Exhibition "and so on and sew on".  It was a really successful private view and many more people turned up then we have expected.  Trough-out the week the exhibition also went well.
I think one of the most interesting things about the exhibition was the range of work that our class had produced.  The differences between the work was exciting and showed the potential and flexibility that the course holds. 
I was happy with the prints that i had made however, i feel that the arrangement of the work could have been improved.  Although i feel my aim of wanting to show a range of my designs was fulfilled, this is something i will look at more in the future to improve how it is done..